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Celebrate Computer Science Education Week...

Code To Learn is celebrating Computer Science Education Week!

December 5 - 11, 2022

Why don't you celebrate it too?

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...with Short One-Hour Activities

These Code To Learn Week activities are short—but are open-ended so that you and your students can go more deeply!

Wiggles with LYNX
Do some simple turtle graphics with your younger students or challenge older students to understand the mathematics when they change the LYNX code.

Make a Holiday Card with LYNX
Maybe you'd like your students to make a holiday greeting card! Use the LYNX template to get them started!

EarSketch Intro
Or perhaps, your students might like to code some music in Python! Don't worry! This is an easy introduction for age 10 and up!

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Teaching code with a social conscience

FREE resources for Canadian students and teachers to help them learn coding, robotics and computational thinking across subjects with a focus on social justice.

About Code to Learn Teaching inclusively

"Code to learn" through coding & robotics activities that meet provincial & territorial curricular goals for grades K-12. We focus on inclusivity, social justice, environment, & other "coding for good" initiatives.

How we teach coding & robotics

We provide in-person and virtual workshops, both simple and advanced activities, and resources so teachers and students can carry on independently.

Graphic illustration of two puzzle pieces diagonally situated from another. There is an arrow coming off of each puzzle piece directed at the other puzzle piece, so the diagram looks to be signifying a cycle/circle.

Equity, diversity, and inclusion

We serve each and every student with coding projects that are culturally relevant, gender-appropriate, and accessible for self-directed learning. 

Graphic illustration of a computer screen with binary code (01010101) and a graduation cap on top that has a stylized pink triangle on it.

Inspire & engage through Tinkquiry

"Tinkquiry" is the creative blend of 'tinkering' and 'inquiry'! Learners tinker with coding while being inquisitive, passionate, and goal-directed. 

A graphic illustration of a computer screen and keyboard. The screen has two empty text bubbles. The keyboard has a stylized pink rectangle on it.

Offered in multiple languages

LYNX Coding & Your Voice is Power are available in English, French, and multiple Indigenous languages: Anishinaabe, Mi'kmaw, Kanien'kéha, Inuktitut and Oji-Cree. 

A graphic illustration with lines of a person using a laptop. There is floating binary code (010101) and the laptop has a bit of green as a colour accent.

Passion-based coding

It is with the support of our partners that Code To Learn can inspire youth across the country to use technology to engage with social issues.


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Code To Learn is a project of TakingITGlobal and LYNX Coding funded by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED).

LYNX Coding Club

Our Partners

It is with the support of our partners that Code To Learn can inspire youth across the country to use technology to engage with social issues.

Amazon Future Engineer
Fair Chance Learning
Lakehead University
OCADU - OCAD University
ISTE - International Society for Technology in Education
CISCO Canada
Kelsey Learning Centre